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Yes, You Can Visit Copenhagen on the Cheap!

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Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen

Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most expensive cities; a lot of travellers put off going there because they worry about the expense. A crying shame, we say! So we asked Francesca Harper to spill the beans on spending time in Copenhagen without blowing the budget… Read More

CouchSurfing for Beginners

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Couchsurfers relaxing

Getting started with couchsurfing is easier than you think!

Ever felt like the act of travelling was somewhat exploitative? Want to experience a city on a limited timeframe and budget? Couchsurfing may be the answer. Find a good host and you’ll get to know all the best clubs, bars and sights; maybe even get a free meal along the way. What does a first-time user need to know before they create an account? Read More

A Guide to Under-21 Nightlife in New York

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NYC skyline

Creative Commons Licence: joiseyshowaa - Plenty of fun can be had in New York for under 21s!

You’ve arrived for your first night in New York and you’re ready to go wild in the city that never sleeps. Then you remember: America has a ridiculous 21 age limit on drinking. What to do? Read on for the best in teenage kicks: Read More