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Interview with Niall Doherty: Overland Traveller

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Niall Doherty from Disrupting the Rabblement

Niall plans to travel around the world without flying

Niall Doherty is an extreme adventurer. Not content with his working life in the US, he’s decided to branch out and travel round the world. But not in the traditional sense. He plans to do it completely overland!

Gap Daemon had a chance to catch up with him and talk about his epic pursuit. Read More

How to Prevent Malaria

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how to prevent malaria gap year

Creative Commons Photo Credit: dr_relling

With outbreaks among British travellers on the up (by 30% in the past two years, people! ) it’s time to take malaria seriously. It can cause intense fever, vomiting and in some cases even death! Read More

How to Approach the Poverty Issue in India

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Indian mother and child

Photo credit: Roscoe Duscan - how best to cope with the poverty issue in India?

One of the most common concerns when visiting India is witnessing real poverty first hand.  The initial culture shock can be extremely overwhelming. How best to deal with it? Read More