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A Guide to Under-21 Nightlife in New York

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NYC skyline

Creative Commons Licence: joiseyshowaa - Plenty of fun can be had in New York for under 21s!

You’ve arrived for your first night in New York and you’re ready to go wild in the city that never sleeps. Then you remember: America has a ridiculous 21 age limit on drinking. What to do? Read on for the best in teenage kicks: Read More

Surviving in Japan: Coping with the Language Barrier

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There are several things you can do to overcome the language barrier in Japan

Japan makes your head swirl. From the flashing neon lights to the chatter of computer games, arriving in Japan mixes excitement with a hefty dose of confusion. Don’t let the alphabets get you down, though. Grab a smile, some chutzpah and use these tips to help you thrive. Read More