Photo Essay: A Day in Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur (cc) Jose and Roxanne

(cc) Jose and Roxanne

Kuala Lumpur is a city that I never seem to have enough time in.  I’m always passing through and cramming in as much as I can in one day.  For me, it’s always a case of planning my day around my meals and you can guarantee I spend a lot of time eating here.

With so many super cuisines like Indian, Chinese and Malay combining, it’s little wonder I had time to see the city in between gorging.  But see the city I did and it’s a very photogenic place. Here is my one-day in photos.

Kuala Lumpur Photo Essay

KL is full of characters, from bonkers hairstyles… to industrious mini mobile salesmen… Kuala Lumpur Photo Essay

Getting around the city is easy with the futuristic Sky trains and clean as a whistle metro system.Kuala Lumpur Photo Essay

If you don’t stop for street food you are officially insane.  Street food is the thing I love most about South East Asia and Malaysia is no exception.  The roadside steaming soups of Chinatown or the fried goodies of Little India – you couldn’t tear me away from it all.

Kuala Lumpur Photo Essay

Ok so you’ve got to fit in some sightseeing and Menara KL, the Observation Tower, provided a not too shabby view over the city.  After a mild case of claustrophobia in the lift on the way up, I calmed myself down with an audio tour about KL’s skyline.Kuala Lumpur Photo Essay

Kuala Lumpur Photo Essay

Kuala Lumpur Photo Essay

I’ll need to reserve at least a week for food exploration when I’m next in the city.  With the most mouth watering variety of super delicious, cheap food on offer, I could easily spend days hunting down the foodie markets and hot spots to satisfy my Malay munchies.

Kuala Lumpur Photo Essay

Kuala Lumpur Photo Essay

Vertigo sufferers beware; a trip up the Petronas Twin Towers just has to be done.  Yes my knees wobbled and yes, I had a sweaty brow but hey, it was worth it.Kuala Lumpur Photo Essay

The towers are pretty impressive at night too. Stick around after sunset to see the towers light up and then head to a bar and toast a day well spent.

Kuala Lumpur Photo Essay

Kuala Lumpur Photo Essay

All Images Copyright © Roscoe Duncan 2012

What do you guys think of Malayasia’s KL? Picturesque city or urban eye-sore? Share your thoughts below…

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