Interview with Poi and Kirsty of No Place To Be: Live and Work in South East Asia

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Poi and Kirsty of No Place to Be

Poi and Kirsty

Poi and Kirsty have been making quite a name for themselves as a couple of quirky travel bloggers adventuring around Asia. Now they’ve settled on a location: Bangkok.

Gap Daemon had a chance to catch up with them and see how they’re getting on.

Hi guys thanks for talking to us! Could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us who you are?

Oh Hey! We’re Poi and Kirsty, an English couple in our early twenties, we’re currently living in Bangkok, Thailand for a year where Kirsty is enjoying teaching English to some very young (and amazingly intelligent) Thai children while I (Poi) claim to be working hard at home on our blog No Place To Be!

You are both from the UK originally and were working there before setting out on your travels. Why did you decide to go to Beijing and then South East Asia as opposed to anywhere else?

To be honest, I’m not too sure. When I started looking into travelling, SE Asia was a place that kept coming up and once you’ve seen a few pictures of the place who wouldn’t want to come here.

So we decided to head to SE Asia through China because China is somewhere Kirsty had always wanted to go.

What have been the highlights of your travel experiences so far?

Of course there are many but I’m gonna say Laos. The whole country is gorgeous, the backpacker scene is a lot of fun and everyone is incredibly friendly. It would be wrong to mention Laos without talking about Tubing, it’s so much fun, we loved every second of it.

I’m very excited to take some of my friends from home there this November, should be an amazing couple of weeks.

Kirsty and an unassuming Thai bucket

What have been the lowest points of your travel experiences and how did you overcome them?

The lowest points have definitely been down to illness, both of us have had our fair share of horrible nights suffering and been to a few different hospitals along the way.

The thing is with being away for so long it’s bound to have happen, even if I was at home I’m sure something would have happened over the last year. Being on the road just means the situations are a bit tougher, but once you’ve dealt with them once it’s a big relief knowing that if anything does happen you’re able to sort it.

Kirsty is now teaching in Bangkok, why did you both decide to settle and work here?

After being on the move for so many months, we wanted to stop somewhere that we wouldn’t be bored of after a month. Bangkok is huge and there is always something going on, even after a year we’ll probably only just have scratched the surface of what it has to offer.

The other thing of course is the amount of jobs on offer in Bangkok, English teachers are in high demand here, experienced or not.

You offer some very useful advice for saving money for travel on your site. What are your two ultimate money saving tips?

My first would be that you don’t need half the stuff that gets advertised to travellers, by not being a sucker to advertising you can save a lot of cash.

Secondly just cut out the stuff you don’t need. It sounds simple but if you are serious about saving money you’ll know what I mean.

For the first few months of saving I easily convinced myself into buying things I didn’t need. It was only when looking at how slowly my savings were going up I made a real effort and it paid off, I didn’t even have to give up my binge drinking habit.

Poi taking a dip in Cambodia

Poi taking a dip in Cambodia

Do you both plan to stay in the region after you travel back to the UK in 2012 or do you intend on going elsewhere?

We’ll be going somewhere else after 6/8 weeks, after lots of decent beer and a few visits to the chippy.

Where exactly that next place will be I can’t say yet but we’re playing with the idea of being back at home for Christmas for once which might mean a few months in Europe? Who knows.

Where else in the world would you love to travel to/work? Why?

Yikes, there are so many places but I’m determined to live in both Canada and New Zealand long term at some point in my life, preferably while I’m still young enough to make the most of all the adventurous stuff on offer.

Oh and Spain for the language and girls (just to look of course)!

What advice can you offer young travellers busy preparing for travel abroad?

It’s said a lot but is so true. Plan as little as you can. I’ve met people travelling together who met on the plane out, that’s how quickly your plans can change.

Where’s the fun in travelling if you haven’t got the freedom to go wherever you want. Plan little and go with the flow, you don’t want to have to leave your new friends after only a couple of days because of something you booked months ago.

Thanks guys, good luck on your travels and many thanks for all the wonderful advice!

Follow Poi and Kirsty’s travel adventures over at their blog No Place To Be

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