GUEST POST: 25 Things You Can Only Experience In Australia

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bondi beach australia

Not just any beach... Bondi Beach

No, we’re not talking about adrenaline sports here – we’re talking about uniquely Australian experiences such as camping next to a croc-filled billabong. What’s a billabong, you say? Read on…

1. Bum on Bondi Beach

Join Sydney’s Bondi Beach bummers and get a Bondi Beach lifeguard t-shirt. This will be your ticket to Australia’s own Baywatch community.


2. Snorkel the Reef

Snorkel dive deep into the Great Barrier Reef, and then skydive off the deep reef end into the seething waters for a grand finale.


3. Explore Espresso Melbourne

Try all the great espresso cafes in Melbourne, starting from CBD. It’s the best way to experience Melbourne’s city vibe, pub life, go coffee-tasting, all in one.


4. Mine Rare Pink Diamonds

Try your luck mining for pink diamonds in WA’s Kimberley region. A single carat of this rare stone sells for 1 million USD. Who knows, you just might get lucky!


5. Camp Next to Croc-Filled Billabongs

A billabong is the dead end of a river, sometimes occurring with huge waterfalls. Crocs love to wade in these near-shallow waters. Swim in one and get chased by a huge saltie (Ed: not sure we’d go for this one!).


great barrier reef, australia

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef... there's nothing quite like it!

6. Ride the Granite Wave

Ride the surfer’s pipe dream beneath 15m high and 110m long wave rock, as the huge waves crash over the granite rock. Dangerously exciting.


7. Play Music on A Wooden Fence

The 5320km-long wire Dingo Fence in Winton, Queensland was designed by Australian composer Graeme Leak. Pluck the strings and create great music!


8. Enjoy 40,000 Year Old Natural Therapies

Give yourself up to the aboriginal way of healing massages and natural health treatments that are 40,000 years old on Aboriginal Land on the Gove Peninsula.


9. Check out the World’s First Feature Film

Watch the world’s first feature film, the Story of the Ned Kelly Gang, originally screened 1906 and now digitally restored by the National Film and Sound Archives.


10. Surf the World’s Biggest Board

Ride the 40 feet long, nine feet wide surfboard with over 40 other surfers at Burleigh Heads. Hang on for dear life as both the waves and the people push you off!


11. Become a Toad Buster

Australia has a huge infestation of cane toads, that poisonous to wildlife and to people. Join the Kimberley Toad Busters and kill the bloody things.


12. Join a Kookaburra Concert

Australian kookaburras are outrageously comic birds; they burst into hysterical laughter for no reason. Join this spontaneous symphony at Margaret River.


kookaburra australia

Creative commons photo credit: Jupiter Firelyte

13. Watch the World’s Only White Whale

A huge 14 meter whale named Migaloo (white fella) visits the Great Barrier Reef in autumn. Be there to catch a sight of this friendly albino monster from a boat.


14. See the World’s Tallest Ocean Stack

Check out Ball’s Pyramid, a 550 meter high triangular chunk of ancient volcanic basalt rock that sticks out dramatically from the ocean off Lord Howe Island.


15. Walk over Elected Officials

Walk all over the grass roof of Canberra’s Parliament House in Canberra, even as parliament is in session! Try doing this at the White House!


16. Check Out The Town With A Numerical Name!

Visit town 1770 (yes, that is the town’s name, 1770) in Queensland. 1770 was when Lieutenant Cook landed in Australia. 1770 is considered Queensland birthplace.


17. Watch Australian Flatback Turtle Hatch

This turtle breeds only in Australia though it travels to Indonesia and New Guinea. Get over to Mon Repos beach and watch these flat backed turtles hatch and wobble to the sea.


18. Match Wits with the Aussie Saltie

A saltie is the largest fresh water crocodile in the world. They can grow up to seven meters long and weigh over a ton. You can even go diving with them (from the safety of a cage!).


19. Drive around an Entire Continent

Drive along the 24,000 kilometer long Highway 1 (the world’s longest national highway) and you’ll have circumnavigated the entire continent of Australia.


20. Play with Giant Earthworms

Australia’s Giant Gippsland Earthworms grow as long as three meters and weigh 200 grams. They create huge underground burrows in the sand, making walking dicey.


21. Sleep on the Great Barrier Reef

Spend the night on a giant floating pontoon on the GBF to watch the nocturnal day-sleeping critters at play. Food, guides and binoculars are provided by the operators.


the world's oldest art at kakadu australia

Creative commons photo credit: Naonerd

22. View the World’s Oldest Art

Go to Arnhem Land, Kakadu, Central Australia or Cape York to view ancient aboriginal art, said to be about 8000 years old, twice as old as Egypt’s oldest pyramids.


23. Watch the Parade of Little Penguins

Watch Australia’s indigenous Little Penguins come out of the sea and waddle to their burrows after a day of fishing for their young at Coffs Harbor.


24. Discover Your Own Rare Black Opals

Head to northern SA’s Coober Pedy and noodle for rare black opals. When the light hits these opals, you can see vivid reflections of the surrounding scenery.


25. Join a Waterless Regatta

The Henley-On-Todd Dry River Boat Regatta in the smooth sand of the outback desert in Alice Springs. This is a crazy event that’s televised every year. Wear something outrageous.


Traveller and writer Karel Hinchliffe has written more than a hundred articles on adrenaline themed experiences.


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  1. Gerd Scholz says:

    Where can I find out more about the waterless regatta? Google it I guess? Anyone been there?

    • Andie says:

      Check out this:

      If you can, you really should go – it’s pretty fun. Went a couple of years ago but came back a little worse for wear as got attacked by flour bombs & the water cannon (so guess it’s not that dry after all….)

  2. Great list. I especially enjoyed the Nº22: View the World’s Oldest Art. :) I love this oldest form of art.

  3. Turtle says:

    Awesome list! I’ve lived in Australia for 30 years and had never heard that we had the world’s longest highway before. I guess that serves me right for always flying between the big cities! :)

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