Five Travel-Friendly Ways to Beat the Battery

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Finding ways to charge your electronics on your gap year can be tricky, but believe it or not there are green and easy ways to do so. So what to do when all out of juice? How about these:


Or equally, woman-power, is a great way of flipping the middle finger at the Duracell bunny. A Gap Daemon favourite, there is no denying the simplicity of the wind up torch. Wind up radios, too, mean that the lovely warbling of Elton John is never too far away. You can even boost your battery and your biceps at the same time with a man-powered iPod charger. Rocket man indeed.

Soak up Some Serious Rays

Think solar power and those big panels your local eco-nut has on top of their house to heat their bath water spring to mind. The Power Monkey however, takes micro blogging and macro bronzing to another level. This tanned adonis of a hiker definitely recommends buying one!

Daylight Hours Waning?

Turn yourself into a miniature wind turbine with the Hymini charger. A 5mph wind is all that’s needed to make this baby work, meaning no more waiting in oddly-named hurricanes. If solar isn’t an option this is definitely the way to go. Just hold on to your hat.

Master the Motion

You don’t need a physics degree to master the conservation of motion, not with some of these funky gadgets. Yanko Designs finger powered battery charger allows you to recharge your phone battery with a few spins of the finger. Their iYo yo-yo charger is inventive too. No “walk the dog” style tricks with this though.

A Step up

Fossil fuel burning giant Npower (making amends?) recently launched Peg, a saviour to energy-starved backpackers everywhere. Dropped in your backpack, Peg converts the kinetic energy of your steps into raw power. That’ll stop lazy travellers dead in their tracks.

What are some of your favourite ways to beat the battery? Share your comments below…

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