Five Essential Gap Year Apps

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The rise of the smart phone has made travelling easier and cheaper than ever. But with so many apps out there it’s difficult to work out which ones are most essential.

Here are five gap year must haves from the world of travel technology:

Lingolook (iPhone, iPod touch, GBP2.99)

Sure, there are a host of language apps out there, but Lingolook, unlike most others, doesn’t require an Internet connection, offers over 800 essential words and phrases for several different languages, hundreds of illustrated flashcards and even country facts and travel tips. With this at your side there’s no danger of accidentally declaring your undying love for a grizzled old hostel owner.

Currency (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, free)

Providing up-to-date exchange rate information for over 100 currencies and countries, Currency is perfect for calculating the latest exchange rates for free. Now you can hit those markets safe in the knowledge you’re shelling out fairly for those fake Ray-Bans.

Skype (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, free)

Make and receive calls wherever people are in the world for free? That can’t be right surely? It is. Skype is the number one communication tool for travellers, offering not just calls but instant messaging and the chance to call other landlines cheaply. Make sure you’re on Wi-Fi however, or your data roaming costs will soar higher than a climb up Machu Picchu.

Accountr  (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, GBP0.59)

Letting you keep track of on-the-go expenses and earnings (if you’re dedicated enough to work during your gap year), Accountr is a great tool for making sure you don’t run out of cash on your travels. It will keep mum and dad happy too by reducing the chances of them sending an urgent wad of cash to supplement your Tiger Beer dependency.

Boingo Mobile Wi-Fi (Android, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Mobile, charges vary)

With most apps needing an Internet connection to work, Boingo Mobile cuts down data roaming costs by providing a network of over 200,000 wireless hotspots in over 70 countries worldwide. With a monthly plan that is more cost effective than hanging out in sweaty internet cafes with gaming addicted teens, Boingo is the way forward.

What mobile apps would you suggest for gap year travel? Share your thoughts below…

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