Do Aussie Camels Have One Hump or Two?

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How many humps do you have?

How many humps do you have Alice?

“Do the camels in Australia have one hump or two?”, “What direction is north in Australia?”

If you think these are questions posed by primary school children learning about Australia or the start of a joke, think again.

These ‘gems’ are among the astonishing questions posed by 18 to 30-year-old Brits to, a travel agent which helps provide visas for those wanting to work down under.

With youth unemployment in the UK at a record high, it is easy to understand the appeal of a jetting off to work in Australia but a tad worrying some applicants don’t know that north is still north wherever you are.

While the majority of queries involved the length of time to secure a visa or costs, some of the more comical – but genuine – questions included:

• Where can I learn underwater welding in Australia?

• Are there any ATMs in Australia and can you send me a list of them?

• Can I bring my tools on the plane?

• Can John get a visa on his brother’s passport? They look quite alike.

• Will I be able to use my email when I go to Australia?

• Can I NOT work but just travel on a working holiday visa?

• What is the sunniest city to go to?

Edwina Shanahan of said: “We’re well-versed in answering even the most seemingly bizarre questions and pride ourselves on being able to shed light on anything preoccupying applicants.

“Unsurprisingly in the current economic climate, we’re seeing an increasing number of applicants for the working holiday visa.”

She added: “What many people don’t appreciate is that there is a wide list of eligible work experiences that will entitle visa holders to a second year down under.

“For example, spend three months picking melons in the Outback and you’ll be eligible to apply for a further year’s work. What’s more, we can lodge this second visa, or ‘sponsorship 457’ visa, through our Sydney office so you don’t even need to return to the UK to extend your stay.”

For more information, visit VisaFirst or read our guide to the type of work you can get in Australia.

Have you had trouble getting a job and thinking of heading to Oz? Or are you planning on travelling and hoping to find some work in Australia?


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5 Responses to “Do Aussie Camels Have One Hump or Two?”

  1. Those are some hilarious questions :D I love hearing it from people when they ask me for example about Egypt (Do you still live in pyramids? – Do you own a camel? – Do you have internet?) lol :D

  2. Johnny T says:

    So Im a little embarrassed to be British right now.

  3. Such a funny post. Good to know that many kids are using their time well working over holidays and experiencing different things. So do camels have one or two humps in Australia?

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