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Backpacking in Peru: Times are Changing at Machu Picchu

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Machu Picchu is unmissable but can also be pricey, overcrowded and time consuming. For those of you looking to avoid all the hassle and expense, here’s a handy guide to doing it yourself that’ll save you money, time and get you there before the crowds.

A Survival Guide to Getting Stuck in Airports

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Recently I had the misfortune of missing a connecting flight from Mexico City to Bogota. The result? I was stuck in an airport for four days. But you know what? I survived. So can you! Read on:

CouchSurfing for Beginners

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Ever felt like the act of travelling was somewhat exploitative? Want to experience a city on a limited timeframe and budget? Couchsurfing may be the answer. Find a good host and you’ll get to know all the best clubs, bars and sights; maybe even get a free meal along the way. What does a first-time [...]