Street Food in Bangkok

Street Food in Bangkok by Jaaron


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The GD Blog is written by a handful of travel-loving types who want to share their gap year experiences with the wider Gap Daemon community.


It started with a dodgy prawn. Don’t all community websites?

“Dad, I think I’m dying” – the only words a sick, lonely traveller could manage before the line went dead. Leaving one anxious father in England and one bathroom-bound lad in Bangkok, but zero connection.

Fortunately these weren’t the boy’s last words, it turns out he’d just consumed a crustacean way past its best. And from that dark, slightly embarrassing moment an idea began to form. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website backpackers could visit when they needed to find the nearest doctor or get in touch with a friend? After all, a familiar face could be just around the corner.

Since then, not only has the troublesome prawn become a distant memory, Gap Daemon has arrived. A place where you can go to see who’s in the neighbourhood, whether you’re in Sydney or Siberia, chat to mates back home and assure your parents you haven’t been abducted. That’s if you want to – you can share as much or as little as you like, with whoever you like.

So what’s with the blue bloke hanging out on the Gap Daemon logo? He’s Hermes, protector of travellers (so say the Ancient Greeks) and is helping to spread the Gap Daemon message and help keep our community of roving backpackers safe on the road.

Think of him as a little digital daemon, always sitting in the nearest internet café or your mobile phone, waiting to connect you to your mates and other intrepid travellers, offering advice and helping to plot your next move.

After all, life’s big events are much more fun when you can share them.